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  1. How we Developed our Best KTM 350 and 450 Four-Stroke Piston Kits Yet

    KTM 450 Piston Wiseco

    As KTM has stepped up the standards in OEM engine components over recent years, Wiseco went back to the R&D department to fine-tune their four-stroke KTM pistons for improved performance and longevity characteristics over KTM's OEM pistons. See what went into this development here.

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  2. 2022 Yamaha YZ125 Pistons: New Age 2-Stroke Performance

    2022 Yamaha YZ125 Wiseco pistons

    Pistons Designed and Tested for the 2022 Yamaha YZ125 2-Stroke

    Engineered, developed, and manufactured in-house in Wiseco's Ohio, USA facility, Wiseco is proud to announce a purpose-engineered forged piston lineup for Yamaha's latest 125 two-stroke platform.

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  3. Freshen up that RZR Engine: Polaris 800 Rebuild Kits

    Polaris RZR 800 Engine Rebuild Kits Wiseco

    Wiseco's latest rebuild kits designed, developed and tested specifically for Polaris RZR, Ranger, and Sportsman 800 models deliver improved performance and durability with less hassle and cost.

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  4. USA-Made Racer Elite Connecting Rods Deliver Factory-Level Performance

    Wiseco Racer Elite Connecting Rod

    Wiseco has grown their portfolio of high-end performance offerings by adding an all-new connecting rod to their growing Racer Elite line of products. Using F1 engineering tactics and industry-leading design software, these rods are three years in-the-making and have been tested and trusted by the world’s elite level builders and racers.

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  5. Inside Wiseco Crankshaft Quality Control and Engineering

    Wiseco crankshaft quality control and development

    Wiseco's crankshaft assemblies go through multiple stages of R&D and quality control before they end up in your engine. Check out how Wiseco bottom end kits make your bottom end rebuild easy and reliable.

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  6. 2-Stroke Top End Rebuild Guide

    Top-end rebuilds are a necessary maintenance task associated with high performance off-road two-stroke motorcycle ownership. The common belief is that performing a top-end rebuild is a simple task that anyone can do, which is true, however, the devil is in the details. Sloppy, incomplete, or top-end builds done wrong can jeopardize performance, reduce reliability, and ruin the bottom end in the process.

    At Wiseco, we’ve been manufacturing top-end two-stroke engine components for decades and have been building engines for just as long. To ensure your Wiseco top-end parts run trouble free, we’ve put together some top-end rebuild tips that will ensure your next build is your best build. These tips will be discussed chronologically and will encompass all phases of the build from diagnosis and preparation, to disassembly, through post build. The tips we’re going to share shouldn’t be considered inclusive of everything that has to be done but are tip

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  7. Top 3 Signs Your Dirt Bike or ATV Needs a New Clutch

    The clutch system is the most important connection between your hand and the rear wheel, as far as controlling the machine. When working properly, most riders don’t give their clutch a second thought. However, the importance of the clutch quickly snaps into focus when there’s a problem with the system.

    A clutch is an engineering marvel. Imagine you are on the starting line waiting for the gate to drop. You start your bike and pull in the clutch. What follows is a chain reaction of events. A series of moving parts transfer that load down to the clutch, where the pressure plate is pushed away from the clutch pack, basket and inner hub. At that point, there is a disconnection between the transmission and crankshaft.

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  8. How to Know When to Replace the Piston in Your Motorcycle or ATV

    The piston is one of many wear items in your powersports machine. It may last longer than tires or a chain, but it should still be treated as normal maintenance when the time comes. Here, we go through key tips to help you know when it's time for a refresh.


    The piston in an internal combustion engine is arguably one of the most important components found in the engine. When it comes to high-performance engines used in powersports applications, it is also a component that is regularly replaced and serviced. Knowing when your piston should be replaced and how it wears is key to maintaining a reliable engine. To help you make that decision, we laid out replacement intervals, piston wear, why it’s important to replace the piston, and piston replacement options.

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  9. Wiseco's Garage Buddy Steel Valve Kits

    With a little bit of work on your part, Wiseco Garage Buddy Steel Valve Kits can help your dirt toys deliver years of service. Read on for full details on these reliable and affordable valve replacement kits.

    Today's 4-strokes are engineered to be high-tech, but the parts come with a big price tag.

    One of the basic truths of the imperfect world we live in is that the people who design machines are not the same people

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  10. Wiseco's Garage Buddy Complete Engine Rebuild Kits for Dirt Bikes

    Wiseco's new Garage Buddy engine rebuild kits offer everything you need for a bottom and top end rebuild. From the crank to the piston kit, and even an hour meter to track maintenance, everything is included in one box. Here we take a look at the components included, and the technology behind them.

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    So, the time has come for an engine rebuild. Hopefully it’s being done as a practice of proper maintenance, but for many it will be because of an engine failure. Whether the bottom end, top end, or both went out, the first step is to disassemble and insp

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