Wiseco 2-Stroke Championships

Re-live the complete 2021 2-Stroke World Championships here, complete with video, photo gallery, and results.

Rolling through the gates of Glen Helen Raceway and hearing nothing but the glorious buzz of two-strokes reverberating off the hills is enough to give you goosebumps and get the adrenaline pumping. Fast forward to the gate dropping and grabbing gears, leaned off the back of the bike down the start straight headed toward GH’s famous Talladega first turn – yeah, there’s not much else like it. This was the setting on Saturday, April 3rd, 2020 for the Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championships hosted by Fasthouse.

Back to its normal time-of-year for 2021, warm weather and the promise of oil-spiked exhaust fumes drew impressive numbers of racers and fans out to the iconic facility in sunny So Cal. Almost 700 riders of all shapes and sizes mixed some gas and lined up at the gate on everything from 50cc minis to big bore, 500cc man-makers.

Just short of 700 riders of all ages and skill levels showed up to burn some premix.

The 2-Stroke Championships are easily one of the most anticipated events of the year for the Wiseco crew – and they’re always awesome – but this year was even more special because Wiseco is celebrating our 80th anniversary. 80 years of making two-stroke pistons, can you imagine how much premix Wiseco pistons have burnt over eight decades?

The Wiseco crew was out in full force, celebrating the major milestone. Limited edition 80th Anniversary hats, shirts, koozies, and track signage helped us share our heritage with everyone – even the trophies proudly displayed the Wiseco 80th insignia.

What better way to celebrate 80 years of 2-stroke pistons than the 2-Stroke World Championships?

Over all these years, engines have evolved, bikes are faster, and new technology is always being developed, but one thing has stayed the same: our passion for racing. Sure, the trophies are cool, and everyone loves bragging rights, but what it really comes down to and what we really love are the memories made. Riding with buddies, talking moto, just enjoying life and the freedom riding dirt bikes brings us. That’s what we love to share with everyone. That’s how it’s been for 80 years, and it’s not changing any time soon.

One of the many rippers that shares this passion is Robbie Wageman, who took home the #1 plate and $2700 for the Open Pro class on a borrowed bike after not even planning on racing and not riding any practice. Go ahead, take a second to read that again.

After a crash in practice sent Josh Grant to get checked out (he’s banged up, but he’s okay), there was a slightly mangled Twisted Development YZ300 sitting under the tent with no pilot. Robbie didn’t want to see that bike work go to waste, so after getting a quick “yeah, you can race it” from the Twisted crew, they went to work straightening it out before the gate drop, which included a bit of trusty JB Weld on the cases.

Robbie was in first exiting Talladega in Open Pro moto 1 and led it all the way to the checkers. In Moto 2, Robbie laid down one of the nastiest two-stroke holeshots we’ve seen, and we were lucky enough to catch it on camera. Throughout the moto, Trevor Stewart put some pressure on him, and after a good battle, Stewart came away with the moto win and Wageman a close second. Still, Robbie’s 1-2 moto scores were enough to earn him the overall.

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Pasha was back this year with his love for going fast on a 1-2-5, hosting the 125cc Open Pro class (open meaning you can run up to a 150cc) and backing it up with some enticing prize money. Just Hoeft went 1-1 on the day for top honors, with B-Ray and Mosiman rounding out the overall podium, each walking away with fuller wallets and a Wiseco two-stroke piston trophy. Pasha also hosted a 125 30+ Pro class, where Wiseco's own Dennis Stapleton put in 3-4 moto scores for fourth overall aboard his Wiseco-powered KTM 150 SX.

Stapo making that Wiseco KTM 150 piston sing.

While everyone was out burnin’ race fuel and oil cocktails on the track, the Wiseco crew was talking pistons, performance, and all things two-stroke at the Wiseco booth. In addition to the 80th celebration swag, fans were swooping up two-stroke themed koozies and tees, as well the limited edition Fasthouse x Wiseco Flying Piston tee.

All-in-all, the day ended with empty tanks and full hearts of two-stroke riders of every kind. From the women’s class to the mini classes to the vintage and senior classes, watching, listening, and smelling the two-strokes all day long made us feel at home. We’re bummed we have to wait another year for this race, but in the meantime, we’ll keep making the best in 2-stroke performance so y’all can keep mixin’ gas and haulin’ …well, you know the rest.

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