2022 Yamaha YZ125 Wiseco pistons

Pistons Designed and Tested for the 2022 Yamaha YZ125 2-Stroke

Engineered, developed, and manufactured in-house in Wiseco's Ohio, USA facility, Wiseco is proud to announce a purpose-engineered forged piston lineup for Yamaha's latest 125 two-stroke platform.

All '22 YZ125 piston kits include high-quality piston ring, high-strength wrist pin, and circlips.

Offered in Three Different Two-Stroke Piston Series

Part Number Description Bore Size
899M05400 2022 Yamaha YZ125 ProLite Forged Piston Kit 54.00mm
899M05600 2022 Yamaha YZ125 ProLite Forged Piston Kit +2mm 56.00mm
900M05400 2022 Yamaha YZ125 GP Series Forged Piston Kit 54.00mm
RE931M05400 2022 Yamaha YZ125 Racer Elite Forged Piston Kit 54.00mm

2022 YZ125 Pistons Available as soon as June
Check with your favorite online parts retailer or local dealer
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  • ProLite (899M05400 & 899M05600)
    • Drop-in, forged replacement optimizes greater strength-to-weight ratio over OEM part
    • Additional forced pin oiling improves small end bearing and wrist pin lubrication
    • ArmorGlide skirt coating reduces skirt and cylinder wear and improves performance through reduced operating friction
    • Offered in +2mm overbore option for higher displacement builds
  • GP Series (900M05400)
    • Forged material offers increased tensile strength over OEM cast components and lightening operations result in approximately 7-gram weight savings over OEM
    • Proprietary ArmorX coating in critical areas provides highly protective thermal barrier, reducing heat-induced damage and wear, and preventing ring microwelding
    • Shares the same ArmorGlide skirt coating and pin oiling benefits as ProLite
  • Racer Elite (RE931M05400)
    • Forged from 2000-series alloy, offering maximized strength-to-weight ratio with the highest tensile strength and lightest weight. Ideal for high load, racing applications
    • Shares the same thermal protection and pin oiling benefits of GP Series piston with ArmorX coating
    • ArmorFit skirt coating conforms to cylinder for optimized clearance and reduced friction and wear

In addition to in-house engine dyno testing, Wiseco's new YZ125 piston design was tested in real world riding situations and closely validated afterward.

Each piston improves strength-to-weight ratio over OEM utilizing high tensile strength forged material and lightening operations, simultaneously improving longevity and performance.

Piston dome design matches OEM squish band design for precise operation and assembled specs.