Wiseco has grown their portfolio of high-end performance offerings by adding an all-new connecting rod to their growing Racer Elite line of products. Using F1 engineering tactics and industry-leading design software, these rods are three years in-the-making and have been tested and trusted by the world’s elite level builders and racers.

A rider may not give much thought to his motorcycle’s connecting rod, until one of two things happen. Either the rider is interested in improving the performance of his engine or is the unfortunate victim of a broken or “thrown” rod. Regardless of situation, it’s important to understand that a connecting rod is the crucial link between the piston and crankshaft.

A connecting rod is constantly under a tremendous load. Increasing horsepower, whether through a high-compression piston, camshafts, exhaust pipe or other hop-ups magnifies that stress and load. The good news is that Wiseco’s Racer Elite rod is designed to handle higher engine loads, more horsepower, torque and/or a higher RPM range, all while maintaining improved wear characteristics.


Manufacturing & Materials

Proudly made in the USA from start to finish, every Wiseco Racer Elite connecting rod is made from proprietary, USA-made steel forgings for better-aligned grain flow. Different heat-treating methods are used in order to control hardness in the beam, versus on the thrust faces. This results in a stronger product, with extended service life. Engineers focused on removing weight out of the big end of the rod, while ensuring a wider thrust face for better heat transfer. Precision CNC machining holds tolerances up to thousandths of an inch and allows for strength-to-weight optimiza

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